Dates: Sept. 15-17, 2017 (日期:2017年9月15-17日)
All are welcome to come and enjoy the action!! Pack a picnic and spend your day here, you won’t want to miss it! (欢迎来Scotsman Point度假村参加FLW冠军赛活动!带好野餐,在这里度过一天,这机会你一定不想错过!)
Series 40 top teams go Head to Head Weigh-in Friday and Saturday starting at 4:00pm here at Scotsman Point Final weigh-in Sunday at the BCC at 4:00pm (40个顶级船队星期五和星期六下午四点开始在Scotsman Point 度假村当面称重,决赛周日下午四点开始在Buckhorn 社区中心当面称重。)